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Hasb e Haal on Dunya News 28th November 2014

PTI Chairman Imran Khan Speech in Azadi March 28th November 2014

Khabarnaak on Geo News 28th November 2014

Power Play (Pervaiz Rasheed Ke Ilzamat Aur Imran Khan Ke Jawabat) 28th November 2014

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55 Lacs Extra Ballot Papers Were Printed In 2013 Elections by Imran Khan Press Conference 28th November 2014

Shaista Lodhi fails in attempt to flee Pakistan

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Live With Dr. Shahid Masood (Imran Khan Jaalsaaz Hain-Saad Raqfique) 28th November 2014

Molvi Sahab Telling Funny Incident on Motor Bike of 3 Guys with Different Religions

Imran Khan’s Mouth Breaking Reply to Pervaiz Rasheed’s Allegation

Special Transmission On Capital Tv 28th November 2014

Aaj With Saadia Afzaal (Exclusive Interview WIth Choudhry MUhammad Sarwar) 28th November 2014

Watch Zardari's B Team - A Short Documentary By pakistani Poor People

Siasat aur Sazish Promo-Exclusice Interview with Gen (r) Pervez Musharraf

Why this Interview with Gen. Musharraf is different? Most interviews in recent past were either focused on his court case or full of appreciation for him by anchors who treated him as hero. But in this interview we have confronted him on his mistakes, failures and issues on which he could not deliver. For instance Kalabagh Dam, Blasphemy, Police Reforms and across the board Accountability. And quiet contrary to your fears, Fawad Chaudry has been very critical of Gen.Musharraf....
We also hammered him on his relation with Chaudries; why he decided to bring in traditional politicians when his non-political government was delivering and was considered clean and efficient? On whose dictation he forced NRO on Chaudries? He sounds very unconvincing when he tries to take the blame himself but then explains the contradictory pressures coming from Washington and Riyadh. There is a serious chunk of discussion on Bugti's unfortunate death, was Musharraf responsible for that and why situation in Baluchistan took a turn towards widespread unrest and pockets of insurgency? Was he playing double games? How could he not have known about Osama Bin Laden and so on....
There are question on Imran Khan and PTI: He explains how in his initial years he found Imran naïve and over-confident, how he always wanted to help him but could not but after his critical evaluation admits that Imran has now matured, generated political momentum and has a platform but then insists that still Imran alone, without forming a larger political alliance of smaller parties will not be able to dent the powers Nawaz and his allies control. He is however clear that public mood in Pakistan has changed and is visible to anyone who is not blind or deaf.
This is an interesting, in-depth, 72 minute discussion that will be broadcast continuously from 10-12 pm tonight, in two hour slot with 11pm news break in between-- will welcome your feedback and comments..
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Infocus with Reham khan (Country Is Under Political Allegations) 28th November 2014

Nadeem Malik Live (Special Transmission 7pm to 9pm) 28th November 2014

Friday, November 28, 2014

Those who Criticize Imran Khan’s Way of Talking Must Watch this Video

Hasb e haal on dunya news 27 November 2014

Sawal (Justice Delayed Justice Denied) 27th November 2014

Bay Laag (Salana 200 Arab Ka Nuqsan Ya Kala Bagh Dam Faisla Awam Ka) 27th November 2014

Mazrat Ke Sath (State Bank Ki Nakas Policies) 27th November 2014

Girls Dance fair in Lahore University

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So Funny Listen to the excuse of Minister of Disinformation for reasons of delay on Necklace issue

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8pm with Fareeha (Exclusive From Peshawar) 27th November 2014

Kharra Sach (Tarekh Per Aik Nazar) 27th November 2014

Thursday, November 27, 2014

Mazaaq raat on Dunya News 26th November 2014

Best Of Syasi Theater on Express News 26th November 2014

Sawaal (‘$200 Billion Dollar’s’ Black Money Present In Swiss Banks) 26th November 2014

Tonight With Jasmeen (sharif family have to pay 3.5 million markup to banks,) 26th November 2014

PTI Naz Baloch calls PML N Uzma Bukhari as “AUNTY”

PTI Chairman Imran Khan Speech in Azadi March 26th November 2014

Very Very funny and interesting Poem ......... PMLN Lovers Must Avoid This Video